If you’ve ever wanted a team of world-class marketers and business strategists to help you build your career, this will be good news...

Book a Private One-Day Consultation With Patty Aubery and Janet Switzer,

and They’ll Give You a Customized Road Map for Building a Lucrative Business Around Your Knowledge, Persona and Expertise.

You'll get career advice from Jack Canfield's business partner, revenue strategies from Jack Canfield's Success Principles coauthor, a private one-day consultation...advance market research...referrals to industry insiders... plus extensive sample documents and marketing campaigns are just part of what’s included!

Dear Expert, Entrepreneur or Author,

For the past 30 years, Patty Aubery and Janet Switzer have been advisors to some of the most successful celebrity experts alive today. New York Times bestselling authors. World renowned motivational speakers. Industry leaders. Internet gurus. And so many others.

They like working one-on-one with clients. And when a break in their schedule makes it possible to consult with someone who has the knowledge to share with the world, they are truly delighted. To be honest, many people don’t have time to go through a one-size-fits-all “program” to identify the specific strategies and tactics that will catapult their business and media career forward. The individual might have an immediate opportunity they need to exploit—now. Or they may want to learn everything from Jack Canfield’s courses or Janet’s training programs, then have it “honed down” for their specific situation.

If this describes you—and you wish someone would just detail the complete road map for your business...telling you exactly what to do (and when)—today we have good news for you.

For a limited time, Patty and Janet have set aside a handful of one-day sessions to work privately with people like you who want to become their newest advisory clients. Unlike the hundreds of thousands of dollars that celebrity authors and experts have paid them for ongoing work, this advisory-only consultation is designed to quickly and economically give you the exact steps to take so you can move forward with a well-defined plan—then execute on your own.

During one intensive day you'll detail the exact steps you need to achieve YOUR goals for your business, authoring career, training company or media empire. By the time you're through, you’ll have a fully developed road map for building your business in a way that makes sense and plays on your unique strengths—posturing you as someone uniquely different and as someone the market has never seen before.


Our Time Together Doesn’t Just Begin on the Phone

Before we ever meet, we’ll review your business, your website, your industry, your products — even your publishing contract if you like. We’ll formulate a marketing checklist, research potential joint-venture partners, plan marketing campaigns...

And only then will we meet for the day

If you’ve ever paid for a “consultation” with an expensive lawyer, financial planner or other professional, this time with us will be different from anything you’ve experienced before. For one thing, we’ll learn all about you in advance via a focused questionnaire and assessment guide we’ll send you. After reviewing it, we’ll take the time to “work on your business” before determining a recommended plan.

 Once we’re together for your consultation, we’ll dictate marketing copy, connect you with people you can do deals with, suggest upgrades to your web marketing systems, point you to vendors who can help, plus so much more. We’ll even record the call so that every headline, copy point, sales script, negotiating technique or other recommendation is captured for your future reference.

We’ll do all this—plus we’ll continue the advice after we’re through by sending you sample marketing campaigns and other documents directly from our own private archives.

Do You Have a Day to Invest in Your Career?

Only a handful of consultation times are available over the next 60 days. In fact, these consultation opportunities will disappear shortly when our own upcoming projects start impacting our available time. After that, we’ll focus on the marketing and distribution of them and on developing the other products and media projects we have planned.

If you’d like to claim your spot for a one-day consultation, which includes our unique questionnaire and assessment tool, our personal advance-planning focus, on-site meeting time including lunch—plus important follow-up documents, samples and contacts we’ll send you afterwardcall Molly Rose at (563-564-6415) to book one of the remaining time slots.

Over the last 25 years, we’ve been the revenue strategists, marketing tacticians and career-makers behind many of the greatest names in modern publishing history. Since 1993, we’ve worked together to build Jack Canfield’s name, business and brands. We’ve been the dominant force behind the success of more than 24 New York Times and international bestselling authors— many of them repeat recipients of that title. We’ve been the key negotiators in deals, partnerships, media projects, spokesperson contracts, syndication agreements, and licensing revenues totaling countless millions of dollars in revenue.

Not only that, but we’re New York Times bestselling authors ourselves and know how to pitch, posture, position and publish for maximum impact and major media exposure.

If you want a business “road map” developed just for you — with complete details on how to execute, negotiate, create, joint venture, outsource, recruit, sell, promote and more — we invite you to call or email Molly (563-564-6415) or [email protected]) now to book your appointment at the advisory-client rate of just $10,000 per full-day session (seven hours).

We look forward to supporting you. 

-Patty Aubery & Janet Switzer


Patty Aubery

New York Times bestselling coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul books and 25 years at
the helm of The Jack Canfield Companies

Janet Switzer

New York Times bestselling coauthor of The Success Principles, strategist to top gurus and #1 bestselling author of Instant Income®

Read more about Janet

What Do People Say About Their Consultation Time With Us?

Jack Canfield

cocreator of the New York Times #1 bestselling book series
Chicken Soup for the Soul® and America’s #1 success coach

It’s no wonder I’ve sought Janet’s day-to-day expertise over the years…she makes me tons of money, she brings valuable new products and services to my customers, she enables me to do positive things for people — and she accomplishes it all with modest outlays, keen judgment and bullet-proof insight. I regularly recommend her to others.

Dan Lok

If you're an Internet marketer trying to break away from the pack of “usual suspects,” read what Dan Lok has to say about the impact of consulting on his business: “I’ve built an internet empire from my single room apartment to a multi-million dollar company. I’ve read thousands of books and attended hundreds of seminars on business and marketing. I’ve been around the block. But when I needed advice for launching my new book and my new information empire, I called Janet Switzer. So far, I’ve added $250,000 to my bottom line as a direct result of working with Janet. I would highly recommend Janet to anybody who’s serious about taking their business to the next level in the quickest, fastest, most cost effective way possible.”

Amanda Brown

After spending less than an hour with Patty Aubery, Amanda Brown said: “I really just wanted to take a moment to thank Patty for the session she delivered at [Jack Canfield’s Train-the-Trainer event] this February. This session—although it may have seemed like a chat to Patty—was the highlight of the event. It was inspiring to hear about the business behind Jack Canfield. The key messages which I took away were clear and powerful. It takes time and energy to build a business. Never give up on what you believe in and don’t expect overnight results. This has helped me enormously in breaking down my ideas to stages of expectations rather than as some ‘gurus’ like to claim it’s an overnight success. The next part was build your success team. You need someone with you who can do the bits brilliantly that you can’t do. Once you have a vision, make crazy fun goals, and share your vision, tell everyone what you’re doing. It has been 5 weeks since I heard these messages and I now have a team who share my vision. I’m sharing my vision with everyone. I’ve got some fabulous fun goals and I know the business will grow over time, not overnight. It was Patty’s words in this short briefing that have given me the clarity I needed. And I feel better about where I’m heading then I have in four years. Thank you so much Patty you’re a true inspiration to me.”

Join an Elite Group of Top-Tier Authors, Highly Paid Speakers and Wildly Successful Celebrity Entrepreneurs

When you become our newest Consultation Client, you’ll join a select cadre of authors, speakers, entrepreneurs and emerging market leaders who have discovered the exact steps to becoming a world-class celebrity expert, published author, seminar promoter, and recognized expert in their field.

Over the years, we’ve taken countless people under our wing—just as we’ll do with you. What could you learn during your time with us—aside from the specific advice we’ll craft for your unique situation?

  • By the time the day is over, you’ll know what it takes to become a world-class celebrity expert, published author, media personality, and recognized authority in your field.

  • You’ll learn about the Funnel System of Information Marketing as we walk you through exactly how to develop a complete line-up of knowledge products, services, training programs, business-building courses, publications, train-the-trainer programs, licensed systems, private consultations and more.

  • You’ll discover how to offer increasingly elaborate products and ever more intensive experiences with you for continually escalating prices.

  • We’ll teach you how to give prospects and buyers dozens of ways to spend more money with you—while at the same time positioning you as a highly paid authority, a popular media personality and a leading expert in your field.

  • We’ll even discuss how to use the Funnel System to bring hundreds of thousands of potential buyers into your business.

  • If needed, we’ll help you make sure your intellectual properties are legally protected—securing your copyrights, trademarks, audio releases and more. (We’ll walk you through an actual trademark search at the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s website on any brands you’re contemplating.) We’ll also discuss the two different types of trademarks—even how to secure a brand name you’re only thinking of using in the future!

  • We’ll make sure you know the four trademark classes and merchandise categories you’ll want to secure for your brand—and we’ll teach you how to successfully lock-up those categories even if you don’t yet have those types of products available for sale yet! (Of course, we’re not lawyers and we don’t give specific advice for any one person’s business or personal circumstances, but we do want to educate you on which rights to secure and how to talk to your lawyer about them.)

  • Next up is an in-depth discussion about the marketing infrastructure you’ll need to quickly grow your own publishing and training empire. From the database you’ll need, to the Internet systems, the marketing systems, staffing and more, you’ll want to take careful notes.

  •  We’ll discuss how to start recruiting other people to help you build your customer base and sell hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of knowledge products. If you don’t have any customers of your own yet, the fastest way to grow is to leverage the time, effort and money someone else has spent creating loyal customers who act upon a well-written endorsement.

  • And if you’ve ever wondered how some “gurus” are able to charge thousands of dollars for a single home-study course, a simple coaching program, a brief weekend event or other commonplace knowledge product, we’ll teach you how to actually develop your products with those high prices in mind. Hint: The key is to determine the price your market is willing to pay to solve a problem, reach a goal, achieve their greatest ambition or eliminate their greatest pain. If you can determine that price, you can begin to build your program up to that price and actually be paid what it’s worth to help people get exactly what they want.

  • Of course, one key element is to craft a compelling offer for each product or service you’re offering—and this is where we’ll likely jump in with enthusiasm dictating headlines, copy points, pitches and other powerful messaging that could posture you and your products as the leading authority in your industry. We’ll even teach you how to support the price you’re charging with powerful case studies, comparisons, copy points, testimonials and price values that prove your price is modest, reasonable—even a steal!

Let us stop here and ask you a question:

Are you charging $500 an hour for your consulting time yet? How about $1,200 an hour or MORE!? 

  • We want to be certain that you are perceived as a leading expert in your field—with the hourly rate that goes along with it. We’ll tell you what you need to know to jump to the top of your field as a highly paid consultant charging hundreds of dollars an hour.

  • And, if you’ve ever wanted to launch your own coaching program successfully (just another form of consulting), we will reveal how to bundle together the sessions, the written materials and the preparatory packages that build solid value into any coaching program.

  • Of course, no consultation session would be complete without a comprehensive discussion of how to market these expensive consulting and coaching services. That’s why we’ll spend a major portion of our time together discussing the marketing points that sell consulting and coaching—plus brainstorm the major marketing systems that are commonly used to market these programs.

Use the strategies we’ll give you to generate just one or two new consulting clients, and you’ll more than pay yourself back for the investment in a one-day consultation with us.

And if you’ve ever wanted to step onto the international stage—as a platform speaker delivering keynotes at major conferences and events worldwide—we’ll craft an approach for becoming an in-demand speaker, traveling the world to first-class venues (on someone else’s dime) helping audiences everywhere change their lives and businesses for the better!

With all the advice, blueprints and insider details this one-day session includes, you could learn enough to help you seize the “brass ring” of careers that celebrity gurus, authors and high profile speakers enjoy every day.

What Do People Say About Their Consultation Time With Us?

Marilyn Harris

Consultation client Marilyn Harris recently wrote to say: “Most experts tell you what to do. Janet tells you “how” in such detail and so many viable ways. She puts you in touch with amazing contacts and directs you in how to approach them. I wish I’d known her 20 years ago. I’ve taken numerous seminars to help me learn how to market; I give Janet my highest recommendation. I’ve learned far more from her than all the others combined.”

Ron Kaufman

New York Times bestselling author of “Uplifting Service” and international trainer Ron Kaufman said: “Patty has worked with Jack Canfield for more than two decades. Together they built The Canfield Group into one of the strongest and most effective training organizations in the world. Patty has been there from the beginning. Through Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Success Principles, Breakthrough to Success, coaching services, luxury retreats—Patty has the experience and knows what really works. I had the pleasure of meeting Patty and working with her during a four-day luxury retreat that I attended with my wife. The event was extraordinary and it delivered for us great results. But it was Patty who was truly extraordinary in her commitment and her contributions. Patty really cares about what you want to achieve and what your life is really like. She has the passion to help people like you and me grow our businesses, embrace our families and live even more satisfying lives. When you have an opportunity to work with Patty Aubery, I suggest you take it. After all, you deserve the best and Patty is the best.”

Lisa Brown

Canadian self-help author Lisa Brown reported: “In one consult, Janet laid out a complete marketing plan for my motivational speaking/publishing business that will guarantee success this year. She showed us how to maximize passive income, how to gain traffic to our site, and how to triple monthly revenue in the next 90 days. Not only did Janet give us exactly the strategic direction we needed, she’s inspiring. If you have the chance to consult with Janet, jump at it!”


Build a “Platform” Big Enough to Land a Seven-Figure Book Deal

Of course, we have one more topic in mind to discuss with you:

Your publishing career as a bestselling author...

It’s rare that we’re able to take on new clients—and even then, Janet and her agency partners require, at minimum, three-month contracts with monthly retainers that top $15,000 a month or more. This $10,000 full-day private consultation is virtually the only way today to get our personal advice, guidance and training on how to build your own empire of knowledge products, speaking engagements, consulting and book deals that could literally catapult you to celebrity expert status in your industry.

To get just the information on how to land a multi-million dollar book deal and launch your career as a highly respected author (earning potentially millions more after your book is released)—how much would you pay? $20,000... $30,000... or more?

What about the details you’ll get on how to launch your own thriving coaching business, successful seminar company, boutique publishing business or info-marketing enterprise?

What’s it worth to you to learn how to protect your intellectual properties, recruit joint-venture partners, develop and market high priced home-study courses or launch a lucrative speaking career charging $5,000 per speech (or more)?

While we’ve charged up to $15,000 per person for private consultation packages, your full-day consultation will cost just $10,000 and includes the advance research time, sample documents from our private archives, complete recordings of the day’s advice, lunch, plus so much more.


The Ultimate Convenience

Meet virtually on Zoom (include your business partner, coauthor, support team, and other advisors, if you like)

A Dedicated Day

Experience a private 6-hour session focused on creating an actionable plan for your book, training programs, media career, and leading-expert business

A Full Network

Benefit from advance research of your market, revenue opportunities, and potential collaborations


Receive full recordings of the day's proceedings + follow-up documents, joint-venture contacts, and sample marketing campaigns

Your Custom Roadmap

Finish with a specific roadmap detailing next steps and immediate action items

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