Janet Switzer’s high-profile clients have included Jack Canfield, originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series; Founders of the Oola lifestyle brand, Dr. Dave Braun and Dr. Troy Amdahl, author of Start Late Finish Rich; motivational speaker Les Brown; underground business guru Jay Abraham, and tapping-therapy psychologist Dr. Roger Callahan, among many other niche-market leaders.

Miss Switzer is also the #1 bestselling author of Instant Income: Strategies That Bring in the Cash for Small Businesses, Innovative Employees and Occasional Entrepreneurs, available in numerous languages from McGraw-Hill Publishers.

For over 30 years, Janet Switzer has been at the forefront of helping business owners learn, grow and profit.
She’s the revenue strategist that celebrity entrepreneurs turn to for guidance. She’s the New York Times bestselling coauthor and marketing genius behind The Success Principles — the #1 self-help classic now published in 41 languages.

She advises billionaires, industry leaders, governments, and businesses of all sizes on the fundamentals of revenue-generation. She’s a thought-provoking speaker, panelist and mentor at industry conferences and think tanks around the world.

And she’s the guru-maker revered by bestselling authors, high-priced consultants, and top media professionals for her skill in turning knowledge and expertise into business empires.


It’s no wonder I’ve sought Janet’s day-to-day expertise over the years…she makes me tons of money, she brings valuable new products and services to my customers, she enables me to do positive things for people — and she accomplishes it all with modest outlays, keen judgment and bullet-proof insight. I regularly recommend her to others.
— Jack Canfield
cocreator of the New York Times #1 bestselling book series
Chicken Soup for the Soul® and America’s #1 success coach
In just 20 minutes on a Tuesday evening, Janet Switzer gave me a complete strategy for boosting revenues in my company. By Thursday afternoon, we had brought in an extra $332,650. The Instant Income system works so well, the results will take your breath away.
— Les Brown
Legendary motivational speaker and talk-show host
On a scale of 1 to 10, Janet Switzer rates a 12! I could not have worked with a more talented partner to produce some of my best work ever. Janet sets the standard for literary partners in this industry.
— Lisa Nichols
Featured teacher in The Secret and author of Abundance Now:
Amplify Your Life and Achieve Abundance Today



Janet is a master at helping you monetize your expertise in a way that’s optimum for your particular market. I’m in the alternative healthcare field and have worked with Janet over many years to successfully sell our programs and substantially expand our licensed-practitioner business around the world. Her professionalism makes her a delight to work with.

President, Callahan Techniques Ltd.
Originators of Tapping Therapy and TFT

In a world that echoes with the dubious claims of thousands of so-called marketing experts, Janet Switzer doesn’t just talk — she delivers. She’s savvy, practical and reliable…and the profits she creates are nothing short of extraordinary. Her programs make companies tons of money, while they leave business owners saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?” She takes a little money, combines it with a lot of expertise and creates profits beyond your wildest dreams.
Former Vice-President of Sales & Marketing and
Developer of Anthony Robbins’ Mastery University
Robbins Research International
Janet Switzer combines industry knowledge with innovative yet practical ideas as a means to help Direct Selling Leaders take their businesses and teams to the next level. After hearing her presentation, I immediately engaged her to speak at Arbonne Canada's National Conference.
Managing Director, Arbonne International Canada
You have a choice. You can spend 10 million dollars or 10 lifetimes to learn this rare information —or you can read this book. Everything you need is in it.

#1 New York Times bestselling author of
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Lots of books will tell you how to invest your money. Instant Income shows you how to get the money in the first place. Janet Switzer’s well written guide truly delivers the first part of the wealth-building equation.
Author of The Way to Wealth and
Getting Rich Your Own Way
Brilliantly simple and masterfully explained, the Instant Income formula can add substantial new cash-flow to anyone’s financial future. If you are looking to finish rich in your business, stop what you are doing and read Janet Switzer’s revolutionary new book.
#1 New York Times bestselling author,
The Automatic Millionaire
Janet's specialty is showing you how to take your information product and repackage it as a super expensive package (I'm talking $5,000, $10,000 or even $25,000 or more). If you've ever wanted to transform your ideas into millions of dollars in revenue from certification programs, home-study courses, boot camps, subscription consulting and other super-lucrative areas, don't you dare miss this opportunity.

Founder of Maverick 1000 and
Constellation Board member of Virgin Unite

Janet Switzer is one of the best marketing minds on the planet with a unique talent for producing profits I can bank. She’s easily made me hundreds of thousands of dollars with her simple strategies, including one that makes me over $100,000 every time I use it. She educates my staff on how to leverage these programs for even greater gains. And I know she does the same for companies in all sorts of industries. She can do the same or more for you.
co-author of the New York Times #1 bestselling book series
Chicken Soup for the Soul and New York Times bestseller
The One Minute Millionaire
For nearly 12 years, Janet Switzer has worked directly or indirectly for my companies. From marketing development, core copywriting, re-packaging materials into new product offerings… she is highly capable, extremely dependable and conducts herself professionally and credibly. A valuable resource… I recommend her with confidence.
America’s Legendary Marketing Guru and Author of
Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got
Janet Switzer is a wordsmith of exceptional talent and insight. She goes the extra mile to assure that people catch the essence of what you have to offer, and her words make them want it! I heartily recommend her to anyone.
Bestselling author of Jesus CEO and Jesus in Blue Jeans