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Audience Builder Blueprint

This is your architectural plan for creating a magnetic presence. Just as you wouldn't erect a house without a clear vision, you shouldn't venture into building your audience without a precise strategy. And just like in homebuilding, where each room serves a purpose and each design choice reflects the homeowner's personality, in audience building, every message, every interaction, and every connection should be purposeful, genuine, and reflective of your authentic self.

The program begins November 16th with a special bonus for our first 25 enrollments. 


Permission Granted Winter Edition

Join us for 'Permission Granted Winter Edition,' starting December 6th, as we embrace the magic of winter and grant ourselves the permission to pause, reflect, and rejuvenate. This transformative journey promises introspection, renewal, and the warmth of self-discovery.

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MY mission 

Empowering individuals to realize their full potential, offering them the confidence, tools, and support to authentically pursue their dreams with courage, enhancing personal growth and enabling success in both personal and business endeavors.

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Permission Granted

Winter Edition

Starting December 6th. More information coming soon!  

Audience Builder Blueprint

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your architectural plan for creating a magnetic presence.


One On One Support

Individual Coaching

Ignite your potential and achieve results with individual coaching, where Patty's expertise will guide you toward unparalleled personal and professional success.

Meet Patty Aubery

The Billion Dollar Brand Builder + Life Strategies

Patty Aubery is deeply passionate about facilitating tangible results for her clients. With a wealth of experience as the brand builder of Chicken Soup For The Soul Enterprises and the president of The Canfield Training Group, Patty is your trusted advisor for personal development, business strategy, and strategic planning. She is dedicated to guiding individuals toward their desired outcomes.  Patty provides the necessary tools, strategies, and unparalleled connects to help make it happen. Her coaching approach is highly personalized, tailored to each individual's unique goals and challenges.
Clients can expect business and life-transforming results. 

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