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Patty Aubery is deeply passionate about facilitating tangible results for her clients. With a wealth of experience as the brand builder of Chicken Soup For The Soul Enterprises and the president of The Canfield Training Group, Patty is your trusted advisor for personal development, business strategy, and strategic planning. She is dedicated to guiding individuals toward their desired outcomes.  Patty provides the necessary tools, strategies, and unparalleled connects to help make it happen. Her coaching approach is highly personalized, tailored to each individual's unique goals and challenges.
Clients can expect business and life-transforming results. 

You don't just want this result...

You want the vision to come true without this pain point

Patty Aubery's coaching approach goes beyond mere results. She orchestrates a collaborative journey alongside her clients, harnessing the wisdom of experts and strategic planning to propel businesses and lives towards grander horizons. With meticulous guidance, Patty ensures the implementation of precise steps in the optimal sequence. As she puts it, "I'm here to ensure you stay on the correct path, steering clear of wrong, and often costly, turns that could lead you astray."

14-Time NYT Best Selling Author

Chief Encourager
 Intentional connector
Netflix Addict

Turn to Patty Aubery for expert guidance! 

With a history as the mastermind behind the billion-dollar brand, Chicken Soup For the Soul Enterprises, President of The Canfield Training Group, 14 New York Times bestselling books, and a role as a success coach and business strategist, Patty has dedicated years to bolstering speakers, authors, and trainers in making an influential and self-assured impact while conveying their missions.

And now it's your turn!

My mission

Empowering individuals to realize their inherent potential, offering them the confidence, tools, and support to authentically pursue their dreams with courage, enhancing personal growth and enabling success in both personal and business endeavors.

✓ 30+ years of experience
✓ 10,000+ clients served
✓ 500,000 + Connections made

So where to from here?

Here's how I can help you achieve this goal you desire

The mastermind 

Group Coaching

Elevate your success and amplify your impact with Patty Aubery's dynamic group coaching programs. 
New groups forming based on demand. 

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2024 Dates

February 21-24th TBD
April 17-20 Nashville 
May 9-11 Nashville 
April 7-10 Destin

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One On One Support

Individual Coaching

Ignite your potential and achieve results with individual coaching, where Patty's expertise will guide you toward unparalleled personal and professional success.


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