Attention Women...




Let me ask you a question… 

Do you ever feel as if you're sitting on the sidelines of your own existence, waiting for someone to give you permission to get in the game?

Do you ever just wish that someone would tell you it's okay to pursue those dreams you’ve held onto, but seem so distant because they've been neglected for so long?

Are you waiting for your spouse to give you permission? Your boss? The voice inside your head that's been telling you for years that now isn't the right time?

Well, I’m here to tell you that now IS the right time. And it starts with a simple decision:

Are you ready to give yourself permission to live the life you really want?!

Make 2022 the year you finally start living the life you were meant to live, doing what you love most with all the passion and excellence that defines YOU.


Permission Granted is my signature 6 month program for women who are ready to step into and live their very best life.

This isn't your traditional self-help program where I tell you exactly what to do. I’ll be there with you every step of the way as your facilitator, friend and YOUR PERSONAL GUIDE as you take the necessary steps towards living the life you know you deserve, BUT what I know to be true is this…

One of the most important things we can do as women is to learn how to listen to ourselves again!

Over 6 months I’ll guide you through powerful exercises designed to get you reacquainted with your true self—

the YOU you were meant to be before all of the limiting beliefs, doubts and stories got in the way—and help you begin this journey of self-discovery and empowerment in which you will learn…


 How to get clear on what YOU want.

I’ll guide you through exercises designed to help you define what your perfect life would look like, feel like and even sound like if that dream were a reality. The only way we can create and live lives that we love is to first get really clear on what those dreams and desires ARE, and I promise you, this won’t be your average goal-setting workshop!


How to know when you're in the flow,

and how to get there more often. I will show you how getting in the flow is something that can be learned, practiced and mastered so that YOU are creating your life instead of living at the mercy of it. Life happens either by design or default and YOU have the power to choose. Let me help you discover this power within you.


How to connect with others

in a meaningful, powerful way so that every relationship is one of mutual value and growth. Our relationships can either be what lift us up or hold us back, depending on how we engage them and we’ll focus on engaging in relationships that make sense for who YOU are now. You deserve a tribe of like-minded women as passionate as you about their lives and there’s no better place than right here in this program to find these incredible women! 


How to stop waiting

for someone or something to push you forward and start taking the steps that will get you there. Life stands still for no one and YOU can choose to either get moving or continue waiting, wondering and wishing. I’m here to help you take the steps towards creating a life in harmony with your values, passions and beliefs. YOU have what it takes to live the life your spirit soars for and one of my gifts is helping women just like you finally see it and believe it! 


How to create an action plan that actually works.

    Exciting, inspired dreams are the first step, but they aren't enough to turn those dreams into reality. I will show you how to map out a roadmap for getting from where you are now to where you want to be. 

After decades of working in the personal development industry what I know for sure is that YOU are only held back by one person... YOU. When we take responsibility for our own story, everything changes; because then we can begin to change it. I’m here to help you take this responsibility so that YOU can become the author of a life well-lived. 

So don't wait another day thinking that someone else has the answers or is going to swoop in and save you from your own reality. You already have what it takes. Are you ready to give yourself permission to live the life you've always wanted?

Are you finally ready for Permission Granted?




Join us each month for a Live Training via Zoom where I’ll teach on one of the principles of granting yourself permission! Each lesson has corresponding homework assignments and downloads to help you implement your training right away. 


In This Private Facebook Group we will be creating a community of support and encouragement as you move through the monthly modules.


Permission Granted is more than a course. It's a personal journey, not a destination to arrive at—a transformational journey filled with love and support—because no one ever goes it alone on the road to success.  

Our community of women are a collective powerful force that drives every woman forward. In past programs many women have met their best friends, started podcasts and programs together and felt the support they’ve longed for for so long. 


Every other month you’ll also get to hear from a powerhouse woman who has put Permission Granted into practice in her own life! Past experts include women like Marci Shimoff, Iyanla Vanzant, Lisa Nichols, Lori Harder and more!  


All Sessions Will Be Held from 1-2 PT/4-5 ET

BONUS: Wednesday, May 25th

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When you sign up before May 21st, you’ll also receive access to ‘The Vault’ where we’ll be pouring in bonus content including videos of past guest experts, meditations, PDFs to help you immerse yourself deeper in learning, and so much more! 



The idea for Permission Granted came to me as I was sitting up one night feeling frustrated about all the times in my life that I didn’t ask for what I truly wanted — times where I didn’t stand up for myself, or felt less than what I should have — because I let professional accolades and personal recognition define my self-worth.

I wrote 14 New York Times Best-Sellers, and I remember feeling like I was an imposter — like these books weren't really mine and I was just doing my job.

I remember feeling like no matter where I was, I should have been somewhere else. If I was home enjoying my family, I felt guilty I wasn't working. If I was on tour promoting Chicken Soup for the Soul, I felt guilty I was missing out on some big milestone or memory with my family.


But then, I vividly remember the first moment I consciously decided to grant myself permission. I was sitting on a plane on the way to a book signing, thinking to myself that I should be at home. I was having incredible success at work, but I realized in that moment that I hadn't even stopped to enjoy it! I was too busy feeling guilty and thinking I should be somewhere other than where I was. Should I really be out promoting all of these books? Will my kids understand that I'm doing all of this for them?

The self-talk never stopped. In that moment, I realized I had a decision to make — continue to feel stressed and guilty, or celebrate my success and step into being present wherever I was. I made a choice to grant myself permission. I was done feeling guilty. I decided from then on that I would simply be present and enjoy my life.

My passion for this Permission Granted program was born largely from the pain of regret — that I didn't grant myself permission sooner, that I didn't ask for what I wanted, that I didn't speak up when I had important things to say, and that I didn't feel as worthy as I should have felt. 

Now I’m on a mission to help every woman I can avoid that same pain. If you’re that woman—the one who’s put off your own goals and dreams to take care of your family, the one who lets others take credit for things you’ve worked hard for, the one who feels unworthy of living a life of greatness because you don’t have the education or the money or the time—I want you to know the time to grant yourself the permission to SHOW UP, SPEAK UP and BE SEEN as you truly are is NOW, and I’m 100% dedicated to showing you how!


What better way to kick off your Permission Granted journey than with a retreat where you'll get to connect IRL (in real life 🥳) with other amazing women who will be with you throughout this entire adventure! Join me at my home in Nashville, TN April 21-24 for a weekend of learning, connection and growth. This is an intimate weekend to make sure you get all the personal time you need with me and my team!





  • 6 Monthly Live Zoom Sessions
  • Private Facebook Group for Connection
  • A Supportive Community of Women
  • 6 Powerful Live Guest Expert Sessions
  • Your Own Permission Granted Workbook to Help You Implement Each Monthly Lesson
  • BONUS: The Permission Granted Vault, a Collection of Past Guest Expert Training's



Save $500

  • Attendance at The Permission Granted Retreat, August 4-7 at Patty's Home in Nashville, TN.
  • 6 Monthly Live Zoom Sessions
  • Private Facebook for Connection
  • A Supportive Community of Women
  • 3 Powerful Live Guest Expert Sessions
  • Your Own Permission Granted Workbook to Help You Implement Each Monthly Lesson
  • BONUS: The Permission Granted Vault, a Collection of Past Guest Expert Training's
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