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Permission Granted

Show Up. Stand Up. Speak Up.


 Are You Ready to Design the Life of Your Dreams?

Want a proven way to grow your business with help from a whole community? 

Ready to transform the way you see yourself in the world?



Whether you’re a business owner, full-time mom, or just a woman who wants to be more present and enjoy life at a deeper level, it all starts with granting yourself permission.


Every woman faces unique pressures, obstacles, and challenges, but it’s how you show up and overcome them that will define your life. You may not know exactly what you want or how you’ll get there, but when you join an empowered community of women you’ll be able to divinely design your new dream life. 


More Than An Online Course

Coming together and changing the world is something that we all dream about, but how many of us actually go out there and do it? Don’t stand on the sidelines and convince yourself you don’t belong. If you’ve been looking for a tribe, this is your opportunity!


Permission Granted takes you on a personal journey over the course of a year where you’ll create your incredible dream life, but you won’t be going it alone. Our COMMUNITY comes together as a powerful force that drives every woman forward. 

Here’s what you get: 


365 Days of Support: We will be by your side every step of the way via our private Facebook community! 

12 Key Topics: Each month we’ll guide you through the life-changing process of granting yourself permission through LIVE calls on foundational principles!

Expert Guests: Access to 12 amazing expert guests who’ve granted themselves permission in massive ways LIVE via Zoom every month  

Lifetime Access: You’ll have lifetime access to LIVE Zoom calls, and tons of bonus content including past experts: Iyanla Vanzant, Lisa Nichols, JJ Virgin and more!

Permission: Become the woman you want to be. The place is HERE! The time is NOW!



Discover Your True Potential  

When you consciously decide to grant yourself permission you’re taking the first step to discovering your incredible true potential. You’re tearing down the walls, removing the obstacles, and leveling the playing field. It’s the moment you decide to be great as you embark on your dream life. 


A Personal Journey

“The idea for Permission Granted came to me as I was sitting up one night feeling frustrated about all the times in my life that I didn’t ask for what I truly wanted, that I didn’t stand up for myself, that I felt less than what I should have because I let professional accolades and personal recognition define my self-worth.

I wrote 14 New York Times Best Sellers and I remember feeling like I was an imposter, like these books weren't really mine and I was just doing my job. I remember feeling like no matter where I was I should have been somewhere else. If I was home enjoying my family I felt guilty I wasn't working. If I was on tour promoting Chicken Soup for the Soul, I felt guilty I was missing out on some big milestone or memory with my family.

I vividly remember one of the first moments I consciously decided to grant myself permission. I was sitting on a plane on the way to a book signing thinking to myself that I should be at home. I was having incredible success at work, but I realized in that moment that I hadn't even stopped to enjoy it! I was too busy feeling guilty and thinking I should be somewhere other than where I was. Should I really be out promoting all of these books? Will my kids understand that I'm doing all of this for them? The self-talk never stopped. In that moment, I realized I had a decision to make—continue to feel stressed and guilty, or celebrate my success and step into being present wherever I was. I made a choice to grant myself permission. I was done feeling guilty. I decided from then on that I would be present and enjoy my life.

My passion for this Permission Granted Program was born largely from the pain of regret—that I didn't grant myself permission sooner, that I didn't ask for what I wanted, that I didn't speak up when I had important things to say, and that I didn't feel as worthy as I should have felt—a pain I’m inspired to help future generations of women avoid. The time to grant yourself the permission to SHOW UP, SPEAK UP and BE SEEN as your truly are is NOW!”


It doesn’t matter where you are in life, the process of granting yourself permission is a personal journey that empowers every woman to be incredible: 


-   Unlock Your Potential and make the most of every opportunity

-   Showcase Your Ability as you rise to the top of your field 

-   Live in the Present and enjoy your life like never before 



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