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 Luxury Brand Builder Mastermind


Are you a Coach, Speaker or Trainer that has a Passion for Helping People, but Don’t Know Where to Start with Marketing and Setting Up Your Business?

The Luxury Brand Builder Mastermind will give you all the resources, training and tools to build out a legit 6 figure business in the $129 billion per year knowledge and self-help industry.

Have you had the desire to create a thriving business helping people uncover their potential and live their very best life?

Perhaps you’ve received certifications and attended trainings to be a powerful coach, speaker or trainer, but now you’re feeling stuck simply because you don’t have the skills you need in technology or business.

You’re not alone! One of the biggest reasons we’ve seen people struggle after becoming certified success coaches and trainers, is that they don’t know what to do with all the knowledge they possess. They know they want to help people and they know they want to make a difference, and many of them are totally qualified to do it.

So what’s holding them back?

The details. Most people are failing in this industry because they overlook the side of the business that gets you in front of the right people—marketing. In today’s landscape more than ever before, having solid marketing and overall business knowledge has never been more important. People are inundated with messages and ads more than ever before, so it can feel overwhelming to try to compete for business. Beyond this, technology is changing at such a rapid pace that it’s hard to keep up.

But fear not…

Over the course of the next year we’ll deep dive into the proven systems and strategies for effectively marketing yourself, how to build a legitimate business, and the technology you can use to actually simplify it all!

Each month we’ll bring you amazing content from experts in everything from creating your first sales funnel, to branding yourself, to how to productize yourself.

We’ve never offered anything like this before!

We’re constantly asking ourselves what areas we can improve upon with our training, and the one thing that consistently comes up for people is that they don’t know how to navigate the online marketplace and they struggle with marketing themselves.

So, we decided to create this year long program from the ground up, addressing the specific challenges we’ve seen time and time again.

“Great minds think alike. Beautiful souls come together.


What’s the format?

While we could have done 12 months of recorded video training, we know the power of a good support system and decided this material would be better taught in a group format where everyone could learn together and encourage one another.

We’ll be starting the year off with a live three day retreat in sunny, beautiful Santa Barbara, CA with daily training taking place at Patty’s personal residence in Hope Ranch. We’ll be covering all the basics of the program and have several breakout sessions to get individual help on your most pressing problems.

From there we’ll meet twice per month. One, on a group call to mastermind different solutions as you hit difficult or troubling places, and the other, with an expert that will be teaching 12 important modules for your 6 figure year!

Here’s what we’ll cover:


Month 1: Business Basics

Our first training will be all about laying the foundation for your business. We will focus on establishing your niche market, creating your vision and mission, and how to best structure yourself for success.


Month 2: Let’s talk Tech!

This month we will focus on Websites, Landing Pages, CRM, Integrations, Billing, Facebook Groups, Etc. The supporting material for this month will be a website worksheet, an excel spreadsheet for their list, a list of different web integrations and benefits/drawbacks to each, a PDF for setting up PayPal and Stripe Integrations


Month 3: Brand Yourself for Success

This month we will focus on branding for your company. We will discuss different aspects of branding and options for branding from DIY branding to some of the best professional resources. We’ll walk you through creating a personal style guide that will help you create a seamless look across all platforms.


Month 4: Webinar Wizardry

Month 4 will be all about creating a Webinar around your first product. We’ll discuss how to use zoom to host your webinar, how to create your slides, how to decide on the message for your webinar, how much to give away in your webinar, and give examples of successful webinars leading into sales funnels.


Month 5: Course Creation

This month we will focus on building out a full online course. The courses you’ll create in this module will be mid-tier products that you’ll be able to sell for anywhere between $97 and $297. The goal is to have your first course completed and ready to market within 30 days.


Month 6: Create your Sales Funnel

Here’s where we’ll put it all together and take you through the process of creating your first sales funnel. We’ll show you how to sell your course using the webinar you created in month 4.


Month 7: Get AMP’ed Up!

This month we will focus on creating your Annual Marketing Plan. You’ll create the framework to build out a full year of marketing automation within the Business in a Box Platform.


Month 8: Creating Campaigns

We’ll help you step up your campaigns by teaching you the easiest ways to create custom campaigns. We’ll also focus on when and how to structure your campaigns to support your product and service launches.


Month 9: Planning & Marketing Live Events

This month will be all about planning your live events, how to market them using several platforms and selling your products and/or services at them. We’ll talk about finding the ideal location, keeping costs low, structuring your event, and building in product and service sales in a natural way.


Month 10: Affiliate Marketing

This month will be all about finding opportunities for affiliate marketing, how to add affiliate marketing to your business model for additional income, and looking at creating your own affiliate program.


Month 11: Scaling your business

We’ll start talking about scaling your business and the aspects that go into it. We’ll talk about creating masterminds as a scalable way to coach, creating tiered products, creating membership sites, etc.


Month 12: Celebrate

In month 12 we’ll celebrate our group success and everyone will share their biggest takeaways and growth opportunities. There will also be a time for people to ask any last questions. We’ll also discuss ways for each group member to support each other with future launches and campaigns.

But wait… There’s more! When you sign up today, you’ll also receive access to these bonus calls: 


Bonus Call 1: Writing your first book

This call will be all about what it takes and different options for writing your story. We’ll talk about traditional publishing as well as self-publishing and when to use each option. We’ll also discuss different options for how to structure your story, ghost writers, editing, formatting and more. You’ll gain clarity around whether writing a book is a good next step for your brand.


Bonus Call 2: Social Media Success

We’ll discuss the ways that the algorithms work across different social media outlets as well as when to post and what to post. We’ll also talk in depth about using groups to drive business.


Bonus Call 3: The Wide World of Podcasting

On this call we’ll discuss getting booked as a podcast guest, when to send podcast request letters, how podcasting can help build your brand, and the basics of launching a podcast.

What’s stopping you?

We all know that the number one reason people don’t commit is because of fear—fear that maybe the product or service won’t work for them or, more often than not, that they won’t stick with the program. 

Don’t let yourself be that person sitting here a year from now wondering what might have been different if you had stepped up and said YES to yourself and your desire to help others at the highest level possible!



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