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For More Than 25 Years, Patty Aubery Has Been a Thought Leader, Business Connector and Success Expert.

As President of The Canfield Training Group, she has not only overseen the growth of the publishing industry’s first billion-dollar brand—Chicken Soup for the Soul®—but she also created a multi-million dollar training company around the success principles of author Jack Canfield, overseeing every deal and watching literally millions of people access the training and insights Mr. Canfield has to offer. 

Today, Patty brings her experience to individuals through consulting, live events, retreats, women’s summits and speaking engagements that teach audiences and small groups the principles of success and strategic career planning. 

But most importantly, she helps individuals overcome roadblocks, life circumstances and self-imposed beliefs to confidently move forward and pursue their heart-felt dream—whether it’s a business idea, lifestyle change, charitable activity or other breakthrough.

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What Entrepreneurs, Media Professionals and Others Are Saying…

"Not only is Patty Aubery my business partner and president of my companies, for the past 25 years she’s also been my sounding board, confidante and closest friend. From those early days typing the first Chicken Soup for the Soul stories to building a hugely successful company that has expanded my impact worldwide, Patty has guided my career, advanced these teachings, and held a vision of my work that is bigger and bolder than anything I could have dreamed myself. Words cannot express my gratitude for her endless energy, selfless focus and lifelong dedication to this work."

America’s #1 success coach and coauthor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series selling over 500 million copies in 49 languages.


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James Malinchak

Featured on ABC’s hit television show 'The Secret Millionaire'

"If you're ready to take your life and business to higher levels of improvement and continuous growth, then you must work with my friend Patty Aubery!  She focuses on getting you rapid results by getting you laser focused, cutting you through all of the clutter and inspiring you to produce outcomes in all areas of your life!" 

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Dave Braun& Troy Amdahl

Social-media stars with over one million fans and #1 bestselling authors of Oola: Find Balance in an Unbalanced World

"We’re so grateful for your wisdom, enthusiasm, and insights as we’ve built the Oola publishing brand. Thank you for jumping in with advice, connections, expertise, and keen business sense derived from nearly 30 years at the top of this industry. Your guidance and friendship has been an amazing gift to us."

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Kate Butler

#1 Best Selling Author, Success Coach, and Inspirational Speaker

"I applied everything Patty taught me and within one year I became a successful Life Coach, #1 Bestselling Children's Book Author and International Speaker." 

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